Friday, July 10, 2009

:: If I were a b0y ::

Hmm.. don't kn0w h0w t0 start...Pe yg aku bley ckp, men are complicated.. if they say that girls are complicated and yes, we admit we ARE, but u guys have t0 kn0w dat u urself are c0mplicated to0o.. s0, we are even actually..
It's difficult to really understand a man actually.. same mcm it's difficult to understand a woman k0t..because men are fr0m Venus and Women are fr0m mars.. like what Dr. John Gray said..
Dats Y men and women are totally different from each other..

If they are magnets, the men are the positive one and the girls are the negative..
Even they are different in terms of criteria, behaviour but they still attracted to each other..
Nape la agak nye camtu ek.. tu la die kejadian yang Maha Suci Allah..=)
Actually, the differences tu la menjadikan dorg c0mplete each other..
They need each other sebenarnye..
without one of them, the other akan jadik senget..
mcm patah kaki sebelah.. kan ke susah nak idup name nye tuu..huhu.
Sume tu atas usaha from both sides to try to understand each other and sacrifices for each other..
Give & take mesti ade.. xbley one side jek asyik yg bgk n the other side jek asyik yg terima..manyak cantek!! heh.

f0r dis, i would like to share with u guys a s0ng...

A lovely s0ng..

Yang ni feat R Kelly nye so dats y it makes it perfect..

really make sense..

If I were a boy
Even just for a day
I'd roll out of bed in the morning
And throw on what i wanted then go
Drink beer with the guys
And chase after girls
I'd kick it who I wanted, and I'd never get confronted for it
Cuz they'd stick up for me
If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I'd be a better man
I'd listen to her
Cuz I know how it hurts
When u lose the one u wanted
And everything u had got destroyed
If u were a boy
Then, girl u'd understand
U need to stop listening to ur friends
Love, respect and trust ur man
So I go to clubs with the guys
And sometimes flirt with the girls
I should be able to roll out, as long as I'm coming home to u
And give u the world
But u're not a boy
So don't have a clue
How I work and pay the bills
How everything I do is for u
I'd listen to her
Cuz I know how it hurts
When u lose the one u wanted
Cuz he's taken u for granted
And everything u had got destroyed
If i were a boy (If I were a girl)
I would turn off my phone (I wouldn't play games)
Tell everyone it's broken
So they think that I was sleeping alone (girl u know that's wrong)
I'd put myself first
And make the rules as I go
Cuz I know that she be faithful
Waiting for me to come home
But u're not a boy
So u can't understand
U are not a perfect woman
And I am not a perfect man
But u're just a boy....
P/S: Tapi yg tang R kelly ckp psal sometimes flirt with d girls tuu..
I dun't think dat is acceptable..btol x girls?? =p


  1. haha.
    gay dan lesbian adalah senget!

  2. uikkss.. kalu da name nye gay n lesbian mmg la wahyun oi.. aku ckp psal a normal guy n a normal woman ma..haha

  3. pe ni?? xphm la sy.. isk.. jgn la pk kompleks sgt3 cik2 akak. nk2 cik ayang sy neh.. pening la yg.hukhuk

  4. hahaha. ni di kala2 emo ngah xbape nk stabil..=p