Tuesday, July 7, 2009

:: Do u kn0w?? ::

Aku dr kecik kureng sgt ngan sains ni.. tp aku sgt suke bace psal science facts that are interesting...
Ia bkn saje menarik tuk di bace malah kite dpt pengetahuan tentang kejadian Allah swt...
Sesungguh nya setiap makhluk dan kejadian Allah tu de hikmah di sebalik nya...=)
1) When the queen of the cl0wnfish school dies, a male cl0wnfish changes it's gender
to become female and takes her place....
2) The life of an eyelash is ab0ut 5 m0nths..
3) Turtles and sea cucumbers can breath through their buttS..
4) The little Alaskan Wood fr0g is capable of reviving itself back t0 n0rmal life after staying c0mpletely fr0zen f0r m0nths during which it's heart, brain, and other organs st0p functi0ning..
5) Some species of earthw0rm can have as many as 10 hearts..
6) The lighter was invented earlier in 1816 by J.W Dobereiner bef0re the match..
7) Each time lightning strikes, s0me 0zone gas is pr0duced, thus strenghtening the ozone layer in the Earth's atm0sphere...
8) The am0unt of water beneath our gr0und s0il is
50 times as much as all water in the rivers and lakes c0mbined..
9) Cheewing gum is invented by a dentist, William Semple
as a way to exercise your jaws..
10) Earth is the only planet not named after a Roman or Greek god..
11) Although it is the cl0sest to the sun, Mercury has ice in it's craters
* Interesting kann?? h0pe u guys benefit from dis...


  1. 12) i'm more handsome than brad pitt

  2. oh gosh..sape tuu?? guess dats only 'lies'..bkn a fact...kikikiki

  3. bgs2. tp 1 lg faedah sains. supaya tawu makanan yg alergic yg. ngat, jaga pemakanan. ayg kn snsitif. nanti gatal2, sape cucah? ai jgk sbb i ni jauh =P